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Ramesh Bajgain

Ramesh Bajgain

Managing Director

I am the Founder And Leader Of The Nepal Holiday Treks & Tours, Trekking And Tours Company, I Am Originally from Gorkha District of Nepal. I am a government-trained professional Trekking and Tour Guide, I have Guided most of the trekking routes and tours in Nepal, as well as acting as a travel consultant for several well - know trekking companies. it has been an exciting journey for me, I worked as a porter to a highly respected Guide and consultant. I am glad to run this company forming a team including all my business experience to provide the best possible service for each client. Nepal is a fascinating and diverse country, where just a few miles will take you into a completely different landscape. I enjoy finding new routes so that our clients can have the best possible choice. And I enjoy traveling with them as they discover my country for themselves.

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