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Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours is founded by two brothers, Ramesh Bajgainand Pradip Bajgain in 2016, however, prior to owning their company both of them worked relentlessly in the field of tourism since 15 years. Ramesh and Pradip is an appropriate example of someone who has been greatly affected by the benefits of tourism, having not let life circumstances and hardships come in the way they established Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours with the sole purpose of giving their clients a well-worth experience. Both of them started from the basic in the field, their experience of support staff and trekking guide for many years led them to understand the business thoroughly.At present Ramesh is operating and managing Kathmandu office while Pradip is working from Germany as a liaison officer for Europe.

Till date, the company has served over 100 groups of Tourists from many countries and continues to keep this stream going through with relentless efforts. Our objective through the company is to ensure that our clients do not feel that they have spent their valuable money but rather invested in an experience that will last them a lifetime. What stands out for the company is a number of things, we practice honesty and quality service, our services span from little gestures like offering our clients welcome drinks to bigger things like guiding them as constant motivators in their travels. Our keen attention to detail keeps us on our toes as we make sure each aspect of your trip ranging from your food to your trek is well understood and taken care of.

Additionally, our guides have been trained to play varying roles, we understand that a trip to the Himalayas is nothing short of its challenges which is why our guides are there with helpful tips, skills, and friendship all very important aspects to making a trip successful and worthwhile. Our team is also heavily invested in your process of travel, from beginning to end, we are there to answer any query, support your every decision and guide you when it gets overwhelming. A hassle-free exchange is what our team hopes to deliver to you. Nothing passes our observant eye, ensuring 100 percent attention on our clients with an option to reach us anytime in the day. A team of reliable and knowledgeable colleagues is always there to greet you at Nepal Holiday Treks and Tours.

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